10 Best Utility Apps for Android Devices

Android phones are an integral part of our life. With tons of productivity Android phones are an integral part of our life. With tons of productivity, utility, audio, video, game apps entering and leaving the technology world. The handy smartphone performs A-Z work to help us work efficiently and enhance productivity. We have collected some best Android tools and utility apps to work smartly and instantly.

10 Popular Utility Apps to Work Smartly, not Hard!

We present to you 10 best utility apps exclusively for the people who believe in increasing productivity. These apps will help you work smartly and effortlessly. Move down to know more!


The free app allows the user to lock your valuable apps. Privatize your important apps so that you don’t get strange eyes peeping inside your personal things. Lock all your apps with a unique and similar passkey, you can even hide the app icon or use a code. Get the app for free with ads and excellent features or purchase the app.

Download App Lock!



This app helps the user to locate fueling stations, get the latest gas rates or forward the gas prices to fellow drivers. The gas finding app is available in countries like US, Australia or Canada. This free app comes to be handy when the user urgently needs to know a nearby gas station, while he is enjoying a road trip or picnic.

Download GasBuddy!   

Google Translate

Google translate-app-image

This android app doesn’t need any introduction. It provides features for a smooth communication in 103 languages in typing, 52 languages in offline translation, conversation  mode that translates in real time, OCR support and much more. Travel to far places with this app and you will feel like a local in a few days.

Download Google Translate!

GSam Battery Monitor


This app acts like a great battery saver tool for all Android users. Get updated with all the battery related information so that you don’t use your phone unnecessarily. It provides features like screen on time, mobile radi0o usage, WiFi usage or app usage. Android root users are lucky as they get an additional feature by installing root companion. Get the app for free or pay $2.49.

Download GSam Battery Monitor!



The password management tool remembers all your passwords. This app allows the under to create complex passwords and helps to remember it for you. The app is used widely in offices as well as personal works. Secure all your accounts without being afraid of forgetting passwords. Use for free or purchase at $12 yearly.

Download LastPass!



The Android app equips you to centralize all your package shipments. Just put your tracking number and carrier and leave the rest work for the app. It also allows the users to order online and a good app if your love shopping. The mailbox helps to send tracking numbers and the app will add it on its own. Love online shopping, scroll down to download. Get it free of purchase it at $2.99.

Download ParcelTrack!

Smart Tools


The app is a collection of tools that are useful on daily basis. It is equipped with measurement tools, compass, Vibrometer, mirror, flashlight, unit converter etc. These are some basic and underestimated, but it is utmost important in market, gold shops etc.

Download Smart Tools!

Sleep as Android


This app is designed to track your sleeping patterns. For the busy people who are always on the go, they need this app for sure. Sleep as Android comprises of a smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Other features include optional pebble, Androiud wear or galaxy smart wear, S health support, and much more. Check out the app for free or pay $3.99.

Download Sleep as Android!

Wi-Fi Analyzer


The free Android app helps the user to find the number of Wi-Fi channels surrounding. It facilitates by finding the less crowded channels for your wireless router. Using the information obtained, the user can optimize his router, about clogged Wi-Fi channels and details to improve your PC’s performance.

Download Wi-Fi Analyzer!


IF by IFTTT-app-image

This app provides the user with services to create new experiences. It works with 400 apps including Twitch, Twitter, Telegram, Goggle Drive etc. Stay updated with global news, weather news, intelligent home security alerts, integrate your social media, backup all your important files, photos etc The multipurpose app stands for  ‘If this then that’, rule the world with just your voice.

Download IF by IFTTT!


These 10 utility apps are applicable to all Android users. Download some of them to experience burdenless work. Just give commands to your smartphone and get the work done. Try some of these apps that consumes less time and effort.

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Sejal Parmar loves to explore the newly released Apps & Games. She blogs at Rule.FM and writes about latest Android Apps & Games.