Sony Xperia Odin C650X Leaks : Caught on the Camera

With the Sony Nexus X stealing the spotlight a few days back, we are back with this leaked info on another powerhouse from the Japanese mobile giant,the Sony Xperia Odin C650X. The phone has been playing around with a blurred identity across various blogs and websites as this photo could be nothing but the closest look of the device till date.

As one can clearly perceive the presence of an almost bezel-less display upfront along while the rumored 5 inch unit is said to be a top notch unit with a 1080p resolution full of eye candy. Apart from this, the other alleged specifications could be attributed to the presence of a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset along with 2Gigabytes of RAM. Casted in steel with a bunch of up-market features, this is nothing short of becoming the most powerful phone from the Japanese mobile giant till date.

Talking about rumors, the phone is set for a launch at CES 2013 which has become the traditional launch venue for Xperia phones. The letter ‘C’ carries a tonne of nostalgia within and no one is unknown to the class that the Xperia phones put on the serve for you.

Proposed as the next generation flagship, the question is how the lot will react to it ? is it really some C-series action packed up with Xperian class or is it just another entry into the new breed of quad core smartphones.

What’s your cut ? Please let us know about your views on this in the comments section 🙂 .