5 Gadgets That Make Your Android Phone Even Smarter

Nowadays, smartphones are not confined to any limitations in terms of their usage. We use them for various applications like music, game plays, photos, browsing, etc. In short, the smartphones act as a portable computer. There’s lot happening in the digital world to make our smartphones even smarter. This article highlights some of the recent gadgets that you can use on your android phones. These gadgets will improvise the experience with your smartphones.

5 Gadgets That Make Your Android Phone Even Smarter


This is one of the best gadgets you can have for your home security system. It is easy to setup and uses with your smartphone. As it works across various platforms, you need not worry about its compatibility with your phone. Angee has the capability to provide a complete view of your house. It is also equipped with various other security features like motion detection, voice recognition, cordless portability, doorway identification, and so on. The good thing about this gadget is that you can use it even in the case of power failure. It comes with a built-in power backup. Hence, the monitoring happens in an uninterrupted way. Even when you are offline, Angee continues to store its information within its storage which can be later retrieved.


Sense is the gadget that monitors and tracks your sleep behavior. It does the tracking based on various factors such as light, noise, humidity, temperature, etc. It consists of a device called sleep tracker. You will have to attach this device with your pillow. The sleep tracker sends the sleep information to the app installed on your smartphone. The information is converted to the sleep score. Sleep score lets you know if you have a sound sleep. In addition, the gadget also has a speaker. It plays a white noise so that you can have a healthy night’s sleep. The app is designed to wake you up at the right time of your sleep cycle in the morning.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This is one of the favorable gadgets for all the music lovers. Some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers have various amazing features in them that will make your life easy. They offer plenty of options for you to use them on the go. You can use them during your travel, home or other trips. Most of them are compatible to use across various smartphones. They are handy and comfortable to use anywhere. Hence, it further improves the credibility of your smartphone for an exciting music and audio experience.


There’s lot to do in a day. Some of those activities are very important that you may not want to miss out. Droplet helps you to do them. It tracks all the important works you have for the day. You can attach this gadget to anything that requires a reminder. Once done, you can tap it so that Droplet knows that you completed the task. All the activities get tracked and stored so that you will know the works that are pending. You can also set Droplet to remind you if you have forgotten to do a task. It will remind you at the right time so that you do not lag at your household chores. The smart hub helps in the connection of multiple buttons. The gadget can be used for various day-to-day activities like kids chores, exercises, household tasks, nighttime routines, etc.

Square Register

Square Register helps you have a smooth credit card transaction. It is seen as a replacement for the current static transaction system. The smartphone’s portability and mobility are taken as the prime advantage here. It lets you accept almost all the credit card payments anywhere around the world. In order to authorize payment, the buyer will sign on the smartphone. The transaction information gets processed in a secured way through encryption.

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