5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You a Better Businessman


Smartphones have become an essential part of our lifestyle and act as an integral part of our business toolkits. You’ll not be shocked with the data that says that almost 80% of the small business owners uses mobile devices worldwide for their day to day transactions. This makes the smartphones the basic entity of survival of almost all sorts of businesses out there. Well, you might not realise how powerful a smartphone is a business tool, and it also helps you make yourself a better businessman. Let’s find out how.

You can keep yourself updated

You can remain up-to-date by just using your smartphones. There are scenarios where businesspeople need to answer certain questions in meetings. Or you can always ask your employees, for example, the project manager of your team can send you some of the valuable information in the form of the word, excel sheet or PowerPoint slide. Your smartphone comes in handy in all such scenarios.

With the incorporation of the Google Search in our lives, we all have been finding the answers to all sorts of questions using that tool only. From the news to the stocks pricing and listing Google have it all. And all this just a few taps away on your smartphone.


Use your time more efficiently

The smartphone is no doubt the most wonderful tool for the productivity, but with all of its entertainment features, people sometimes gets carried away from their tasks. With all the great productivity apps you can make sure to stay focused.

These apps will not only let you set reminders for your day-to-day events and helps you in keeping your life organised but also ensures that you are staying away from the non-productive work.

Make yourself more available

Well, it will be useless to mention hundreds of time that the main ‘game’ of the smartphone is based on the app ecosystem. There are apps available for you that allow you to interact with your co-workers while you are travelling abroad.

In this way, you can get a glimpse and even receive detailed reports about the projects that are being run by your business and can even take care of all such events by sitting at some distant location. You can make use of the social media platform for making your business available to all the part of your city or country.

Improve performance

The app ecosystem is not just encircled around the communication and the enhancing the productivity part. There are several apps that let you save your important files and folders online. The cloud storage apps come in handy when you want to access some of the important files on the go when you are out of your office.

With the cross-platform support, all such apps can now also be logged into using another device and even PCs. Similarly, the organiser apps let you organise your day. These apps can even track your emails, and from there the schedule of your upcoming meetings can automatically sync down to your phone. And later on, you’ll receive a reminder at the scheduled time.


Make use of your downtime

Well, enough talking about your ideal office schedule. How your smartphone helps you while you are not at your office? You can make use of apps that are designed to make your sleep cycle comfortable, helping you in inducing a sound sleep and making sure that you are not being disturbed while you take a nap.

Also, apps that are designed for keeping you fit and fine. These apps take care of your food intake and daily exercise regime. And at the end, you can check for the results.

Similarly, while driving from work back home or vice versa, apps like android auto keeps your focus on driving and not on the incoming notifications and calls. Keeping your journey safe.

Final words

The smartphone is nothing without the apps, apps like Trello, Google Calendar, Google Keep and Evernote keeps your day organised while Google Fit ensures that you remain fit while you perform your routine work.

Author Bio:
Sejal Parmar is an Android Geek and she loves exploring apps. She blogs about Android Apps & Games at NoxAppPlayer.com.