Aakash 2: Revolution Strikes Back!

The original Aakash was a sensation in it’s own or rather call it a revolution as it shook the droid world by a storm by delivering the users with their first tablet PCs at an astonishingly diminished pricing which totally whipped up all the competition. The 7” resistive unit running Android 2.2 Froyo was a bit too much for the asking price of $46 which further turned out to be the reason for the demise. Yes! It was in fact the whole package on the offer which resulted in some abruptly massive amount of booking orders which the firm failed to pay homage to.

But as they say, Past is past and we have to move on but wait a minute, the Revolutionary slate is back and better than ever! Casted in a similar lookin shell as the HTCs but priced as low as a charger for an iPad, Aakash 2 is here and it has got all the previously left boxes checked while in some cases, just outdone.

While the original Aakash had nothing much to brag at all except for the price tag it hosted on it’s face, the successor is in for some serious business as besides the better exterior, the device’s internals consist of a beefed up Gigahertz of cortex-A8 processing core along with 512Megabytes of RAM and 4 Gigs of internal memory with a microSD card slot for further expansion while the device runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box!

There is also a front camera while the display is a WVGA unit across a 7-inch diagonal. All-in-all the deal gets sealed down at this very fact that you can’t get even a proper carry bag for the iPad for the asking price of this amazing device. Read that carefully- It’s just $25! owing to the government subsidies’ cut as this device has been developed as an undertaking of Govt. Of India!

So what’s your cut? If you are lucky enough to be in the subcontinent at this very point of time, You ain’t going to get a better deal anyhow!