Android is an Operating System that runs on most of the smartphones released by top device manufacturers. Other than smartphones, it also runs on Tablets. Since it is an open source OS, it can be subject to various alterations. This leads to a lot of development in the Android community and hence the development of Hack My Android. This blog does not give any illegal information as far as the “hack” term is considered. Hacking just implies altering the system files of your Android OS and making it look and operate the way you would like it to be. To know more, you can read A Noob’s Guide to Android Hacking.

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Who Are We?


Hack My Android is an Android Blog which gives rooting tutorials and firmware updates for almost all Android devices. The developers of the Android community release these hacks and we only provide tutorials to implement them on your devices.

Since this can be risky and you may permanently brick your device, you should be careful while following our tutorials. We would not be liable for any damage that might be cause to your device because of following these tutorials. The same applies to the developers too. Try this at your own risk.

We would also be here to reply to your comments and issues that you might face. Most of your issues would be solved in the comments section 🙂