AirDroid v2 is An App Every Android User Would Love

AirdDroid is one of the best apps for managing your phone over the same WiFi network. I love this app and have been using it from the past 5-6 months. Being a Blogger, I remain active on my laptop all the time and rarely have time to take a look at what’s going on in my phone except when I am hacking its system. AirDroid is the app I can not live without. Though the beta version of AirDroid v2 was out earlier, I did not know about it unless I visited AirDroid v2 is amazing and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

You can download the apk from the button at the bottom of this post after I drive you through a tour of the app itself!


Once you install the app, you will be asked to sign in or register for an account on AirDroid. I recommend you to do it because it lets you enjoy all the features that AirDroid has to offer you. You can sign in via Facebook, Google or Twitter or register for an account using your email address.

AirDroid register screenshot_2013-03-09_1732

The Basics

Once you have signed in, you need to visit to explore your phone. The UI on the phone remains the same with one extra option to tether your phone over the network.

screenshot_2013-03-09_1733_2 screenshot_2013-03-09_1732_1

Connection Modes

The best part of AirDroid v2 is that you can control your phone remotely without having to be on the same WiFi network. Oh well, you don’t even need to be on a WiFi network. 2G/3G would be a great option too. If your phone and PC are not on the same WiFi network, you can still connect to AirDroid via the Remote connection mode. The functions remain the same but it consumes a lot of data on your phone.


But if you don’t want to pay for data charges, you can connect your USB to the PC and tether your mobile data connection to the PC or perhaps do a wireless tethering which consumes a lot of battery though. You can go to Tools in AirDroid and select Tethering option. Once you do this, you will be given an IP address which you need to open on your PC’s browser and hence control your phone using the browser.

The authorization procedure is different in AirDroid v2 from its first verison. Instead of entering a password in your browser, you will now have to accept the connection on your mobile phone. I guess this is a better option when your phone and the PC are on the same network.

screenshot_2013-03-09_1759 screenshot_2013-03-09_1739

The settings pane is much more advanced and the options you see in it are pretty self-explanatory.

screenshot_2013-03-09_1733 screenshot_2013-03-09_1733_1

 Find My Phone Feature

Having said about the remote control feature that AirDroid v2 offers you, there is something more to add to it. It lets you find your phone. Though it is not similar to other security apps on the Play Store, but it is still convenient to trace your phone remotely having AirDroid open on the phone.

The “Find Phone” feature is available only on and you can not use it while you are accessing the phone locally on the same network, makes no sense though!


Remote Camera

Did you notice the camera icon above? Yes, it lets you turn on the camera on your device and take pictures. Now you may think how would that be useful. A great use of AirDroid v2 is that you can take pictures from your phone and save them to your computer right away! It has not lags and functions pretty smooth. You can see it in action below:


The picture was taken in a dark room, sorry about the bad quality but I guess I portrayed the feature well, shaking the camera in front of the screen just like how a kid would do.


While these were the additional features AirDroid has added to its second version, there is a lot more AirDroid can do. To explore them all, hit the download button below:

[button link=”” variation=”blue”]Download AirDroid V2 APK[/button]