AireTalk Offers Free Video/Voice Calling, IM & File Sharing On Android

If you are an Android user, you must be knowing you have quite a lot of ways to connect with other Android users. I personally do not pay my carrier for text messages because I rarely use the native text messaging app on Android. Also, after I started using Android, my mobile bills have reduced to a great extent. The reason is that there are quite a lot of apps on the Google Play Store that offer free text messaging – the best example being Whatsapp, free Voice calling over VoIP – best example can be Viber and obviously there is Skype which is also the best app for IM and voice/video calling. Other social networks like Facebook and Google+ also have their Android apps which are quite popular among Android users. But then there are a few formidable alternatives that are worth giving a try. They do not require much space on your RAM and also run well. One such app is AireTalk from PingShow.

AireTalk for Android

AireTalk is a cross platform communication application for Windows, iOS and Android. While the app debuted on Windows and iOS long back, it is now available at the Google Play Store and can be downloaded from the link at the end of this post. AireTalk lets you send IMs to your friends who are using the same app. You can also have voice and video chats, use the app as walkie talkie, share multimedia content with your friends and also locate them on the map via WiFi or mobile data. That completes the list of features this app has to offer you, keep reading to know more about the same.

AireTalk  Location Sharing

Once installed, you need to log into AireTalk using your Facebook account (optional). After this, AireTalk synces with your phonebook and lists out the contacts that are already using AireTalk. You can send  text messages to your contacts or have a group chat with multiple contacts just like how you might do using Whatsapp.

You can also share your location with your friends. You can request your friend to share their location with you and then get navigation to your friend on foot or on vehicle using the app. It also lets you share snapshots of your current location with your friends.

Contact  Free Video Calling on Android

On the homepage of the app, you will find all of your cotacts which can be displayed either in list mode or grid mode. The green icon on the left side of a contact’s name indicates the contact is online. Tapping on the contact shows you a control panel for that contact where you can select all the options available which are pretty self-explanatory. Long-pressing the contact name activates the push-to-talk feature, known as walkie talkie here.

When you share your location with your contact, it is shared in real-time for the next 60 minutes. You have to request for location again after 60 minutes if needed. The video call feature will be faded out and can not be selected if your device does not have a front camera.

While the app seems to run on our devices, we had some issues with video call. This can be due to various other factors too. Rest all features of this app run pretty well, but as of now you may not find many contacts on your list using this app. You may recommend this app to them and henceforth increase the number of friends on the app. Social integration is something the app developers might consider integrating the app with.

Download AireTalk For Android