All AOSP HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4 Go On Sale

With the Motorola X having another shot at the hide n seek game a day back, Google has finally set the all AOSP versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One on sale via the Google Play Store. While both the Snapdragon 600 running beasts have been tamed down by the recently leaked Snapdragon 800 monsters, they might be the deal to those who like to have an all AOSP flavor and to those who are already fed of the Nexus 4’s memory and other limitations.

Although the Google Nexus 4 was quite a success for both Google and LG as it held the moniker of being a Nexus flagship on it’s head but then it had it’s negatives on the hardware part. The Nexus 4 had a limited storage issue on it’s head while the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are two full fledged performers with top of the list specifications and ample amount of raw power advantage over the latter. While both of these smartphones share the same chipset but have their respective +1s as well as negatives when stacked up against each other. On one side, these phones will add some more choices to the potential buyer with an option to go all AOSP over devices coming from brands which are known for their heavy customizations over the Android OS, while on the other side of it, they hard possess any real threat to the lives of the Nexus 4 as it sets comfortably well in it’s segment while the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 have been priced quite up in the niche. The prices have been set at a premium of $649 for the Samsung device and $599 for the HTC One.

As far as the competition amongst devices are concerned, the Samsung Flagship with do away with it’s raw processing power(only for the increased clockspeed here) and the superb camera while the HTC One will count on it’s robust metal construction backed up by some Ultrapixel magic to touch. Talking about the pricing, the HTC lad might get an edge over here as may be the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a sheer performer, the HTC One is no slouch on this occasion and when it is about going all and pure AOSP, both the devices are powerful enough to shift gears and glide through pretty easily.

Google Play Store: HTC One|Samsung Galaxy S4