Allo v5.0 to provide Custom Chrome Tabs, Selfie Sticker Packs & more

Allo is one of the best and most infamous messaging apps out there. It helps you “say more and do more” with better stickers, doodles, huge emojis and text. The app has Google Assistant integrated. In December, Google introduced a Hindi Assistant just for Indian users and also announced that most of the Allo users are from India.

Google has unveiled Allo v5.0 bringing Custom Chrome Tabs. Taking a look at the teardown reveals that the app has many more concealed features.

Custom Chrome Tabs

The addition of Custom Chrome Tabs essentially means that users can view webpages without leaving the app. Once you update Allo to v5.0, this feature is automatically enabled. However, if you’d like to stick to a specific browser, you can switch off this feature in the settings menu.

Personalized Selfie Stickers

Whatever you’re thinking now…you’re probably right! Some readers might cringe at this while some of you are delighted.

A teardown of the app reveals that Allo will produce sticker packs based on the selfies you take. There aren’t any details as to how this will take place however speculations suggest that the stickers will show the user expressing different expressions.


Image customization in Allo is its most noteworthy feature. With v5.0, it’s getting even better. Looking at the app teardown, it appears that it will be possible to modify certain attributes as a part of the process.


Google is well-known for asking users for their opinion on their products and services. Allo will prompt sticker creators to give their opinion on the product, there are options to enter age and gender as well as notes about what features turned out wrong.

Get the app

When you look as what Allo has to offer as compared to other mainstream texting apps (Ahem! Whatsapp), it is surprising to see how underused and underrated this app is. Google is a company that makes apps for smart people. Allo is for the intelligent ones out there.

For those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on Allo v5.0, here is an APK signed by Google and upgrades the existing app.

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Via: Android Police