Cyanogen Inc. might now be Andrasta

A deleted tweet by former Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster shows an image of a ruined Tesla and a damaged building. Looking at what was posted, the tweet essentially confirms that Andrasta is the new face of Cyanogen.

When you zoom in on the door of the building (the above picture), you see a logo – ‘Andrasta’. What’s interesting is the fact that the address matches the known address of Cyanogen Inc’s Palo Alto office (their lease doesn’t expire until 2018). The second photo i.e., the wrecked Tesla doesn’t seem to have much to do with anything but is amusing. The car most likely belongs to one of Cyanogen’s/Andrasta’s team members.

The company is currently hiring in LinkedIn for various profiles. Over there, Andrasta describes itself as :

At Andrasta we’re designing a future that is quite extraordinary, something that will change the way we live our lives and challenge the very essence of the daily journey. We believe that technology should work for you and not the other way around. It should be powerful, predictive and most of all…about you. We are a dynamic team building the future hailing from companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Qualcomm and many more. All of it brought to you by top tier investors from Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, Redpoint, Index and others.

We a are currently unaware of Andrasta’s prospects and intentions, considering they have the cash left over from the Cyanogen days. Unfortunately, we may not learn much Andrasta for some time.

Any idea who’s Tesla it might be? Feel free to let us know.

via: Android Police