Android 4.1.2 Hits AOSP & Incorporated into CM10 Nightlies

Being one of the fastest updates till the date from the Google confectionery, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is already available as an OTA (Over-the-Air) for the users of Jelly Bean’s very own trademark device, the Google Nexus 7. This bring one of the most awaited functionality additions for the Google Nexus 7 that is a landscape mode for the default launcher and the homescreen.

Apart from this , there are a few more updates across the user interface which we have mentioned in our previous post on the Android 4.1.2 rollout.

As mentioned in the previous post, the most interesting thing that we all await after every Android upgrade is the response from the Cyanogenmod team, the pioneers in modifying the Android platform. This is something which makes it all more interesting as everybody connected to the Android world is aware of the capabilities and stability that the Cyanogenmod ROMs offer to the user.

Apart from all those bragging rights, to begin with, let me make this clear that Android 4.1.2 has already been merged with Cyanogenmod10 Jelly Bean. Being one of the fastest merges till date, the update is available over the CM10 nightlies. Therefore, for those who do not own the Google Nexus 7 but like to stay in line with the latest of Android offerings on the block, Cyanogenmod10 is the way to go. So, if you own one of the devices listed on Cyanogenmod’s Official site, and have rooted it as well as installed ClockworkMod Recovery on it, go on and hit the update.Furthermore, some XDA Users have reported┬áthat applying the 4.1.2 update on a Nexus 7 retains root for devices running ClockWork Mod Recovery and a stock, unlocked and rooted installation of 4.1.1.

So what are you waiting for? are you gonna sit back and enjoy the ease of your older Droid environment or wanna get it updated? Please leave your responses in the comments section ­čÖé


  • Mandas Mandas

    ok for the updated phones they make cm for the phones will never get upgrade like vodafone smart 2?we stuck on 2.3.7 please please make cm for our phones[smart 2-alcatel v860 ]