Android 7.1 brings a new Storage Manager

The Android 7.1 developer preview has landed for owners of Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Pixel C and along with it, comes a host of new features and tweaks. Google has a new feature in store called Manage Storage.

Manage Storage consists of a few new features, notably, Smart Storage. There is also a prompt to manually free up space now.

Smart Storage

Smart Storage integrates with Google Photos to delete pictures locally that have been backed up to the cloud. This is basically an automation of the feature “free up space” from Google Photos. Enabling Smart Storage will automatically remove photos and videos which have been backed up every 30/60/90 days.


It is a simple feature to clean up your device regularly and avoid the chances of running into storage full warnings. However, there also a manual option to clean up your device’s storage.

Manual Cleanup

Here, Tapping “free up space” generates a list of items that can be safely removed off the device. You can select the type of data to delete by checking the corresponding checkbox. It includes options like, cleaning up Download files and a list of apps not used since the past 90 days. Once you’ve finished up the process, it prompts you to enable Smart Storage, if you haven’t already.


This Storage Manager is just another addition to Nougat which that starts to add up. Additions of features like seamless updates (on supported devices) and Doze on the go focus on automating tasks on Nougat.

What was your favorite addition on the Developer Preview? What do you think is missing?

via Android Authority