Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is Here

The Droid regiment is spreading like a nuclear strike throughout the globe while with every single day being full of action for the Android world, updates have become more frequent and steadier now. Meet the latest update from the Google confectionery, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. You may call it an update but you gotta take it with a pinch of salt as the version increment of a measly 0.0.1 suggests, its just a pack of some minor bug fixes here and there meanwhile adding some extra stability to the platform as it grows on the scales of maturity.

Apart from the update running short in terms of what it brings to the tables, there are a few noticeable changes and tweaks across the User Interface viz. the connection type notification in the status bar while one of the most annoying parts of Jelly Bean messaging has been checked as for now, longer text messages will not be converted to MMS while hitting the send button.Along with a complete turn over in the Location settings, the Location services tab has now been renamed as Location Access, while an addition to your ease is the introduction of big kill switch which will terminate all the Location services with one hit.Another fine thing that can be noticed about this update is that the touch navigation panel glows in a much better way than what it used to while the menu button overlap is still bugging around the navigation pane with the task manager switch.

The change-log indicates some sort of changes in the telephony department but not much of information is currently present at this point of time. All in all, besides being more of a patch of bug fixes than being a proper update, the speed with which Google have rolled it out has got something to say i.e. Google doesn’t seems in a mood to settle down while the throttle is already bursting out some unimaginable speeds. What makes this update more interesting is how the Cyanogenmod team will react to this. Update: They are already at it. That’s it for now as we head over to see whether something interesting is there for us from the CM team.