[APK DOWNLOAD] Android Device Manager Updated With Remote Device Locking Feature

The Android Device manager that was pushed to all Android devices by Google was a much needed feature as it adds more security to your device reducing the burden of downloading any security apps from the Play Store. Sure, it was pretty basic as it could be used only to ring, locate or wipe the device remotely.

One more feature has been added to the Android device manager that lets you lock the device remotely using a password that can be set (or) reset from the device manager website. Remote locking is something you definitely need in case your device goes missing and you later find a friend of yours using it. You can not afford to wipe the data in such cases. Locking the device adds security and also keeps your data safe.

Google’s updates are rolled out using Google Play Services. It is a collection of libraries that other apps can use. The Android device manager was also rolled out with the Google Play Services APK update. The Google Play Services update need not be downloaded manually as it is automatically pushed to your device whenever you connect to the Internet. The latest update that adds the remote device locking feature to the device manager is the version 3.2.64 of Google Play Services, the previous version being 3.2.25). You can download the APK from the link at the bottom of the post, courtesy of Android Police.

Once you have updated Google Play Services by installing the APK manually, you can confirm the same by going to Settings>Apps>All and tap on Google Play Services to see the version number:


After you update the Google Play Services APK, go to Google Settings by tapping the  icon in your app drawer and you should see the Android device manager option tapping on which brings up the permissions granted to Android device manager. The second option that read Allow remote factory reset should now read Allow remote lock and factory reset. Make sure the option is checked and head over to the device manager website to lock your device in case it goes missing.

Screenshot_2013-09-16-16-54-30 Screenshot_2013-09-16-16-55-47

You should not see the second screen unless you uncheck and check the remote lock option in Googe Settings if you had already activated Android device manager as an administrator under Settings>Security>Device administrators. This is because initially activating Android device manager as an administrator, you must have already allowed the “Change screen-unlock password” permission.

You can download the Google Play Services APK 3.2.64 from the links below:

Download  Google Play Services APK 3.2.64 | Mirror

Source: Android Police