[APK DOWNLOAD] Google Play Store 4.5.10 With IAP Indicator, Activity Sharing & More

Google Play Store has been updated yet again to version 4.5.10 and brings quite a lot of exciting new features which include In-app purchase indicator, activity sharing and an improvised interface to rate apps and view ratings by your Google+ friends.


The most important update in the new Play Store is the in–app purchase indicator which indicates if the app you are installing will ask you for payments when you are using it or not. For example, if you download a game and start playing, there are chances that you can go beyond a level only by making a payment, This will be indicated in the Play Store before you install the app – but this is a binary indication as it only lets you know if the app has in-app purchases or not and there is no indication about the amount you might need to spend within the app.

Screenshot_2013-12-06-21-33-10 Screenshot_2013-12-06-21-32-42

Apart from this, if you haven’t rated an app yet, you will see the blank stars below the app’s screenshots and these stars are not bigger than before. Also, the reviews below are sorted with reviews from your Google+ friends on the top and the reviews by other people appear below them. You can also edit your review and also delete them if you wish to.


There is yet another feature worth mentioning in this update – activity sharing. You will now be able to see a feed of your friends’ Play Store activity which includes their +1s, app installs and reviews. Your activity is share with your Google+ connections similarly.

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