Aroma File Manager Is A Touch Enabled File Explorer That Runs in Recovery Mode

There are quite a lot of apps that are being introduced in the Android market place and which make our tasks easier. Aroma File Manager is yet another addition. When you flash custom ROMs, the usual method you would follow is the copying the zip to SD card, boot into recovery and flash the zip file. Sometimes, you may forget to copy the zip file from the computer to your SD card. In that case you can obviously use the option to mount external storage in the recovery menu and then copy the zip file. But wouldn’t it be better if you had a “Rtto Explorer” kind of app that makes your work easier in recovery mode too?

Yes it is possible, thanks to amarullz at XDA who has developed a file manager that runs in recovery mode. The File Manager is touch enabled, irrespective of the type of recovery you are using. It need not be touch based recovery.


Aroma File Manager has a user-friendly interface and helps you explore the file system of your OS as well as your external storage. You need not boot into the Android OS to perform operations like copy, cut and paste. All this can be done right in the recovery mode.

To install this app, you need to download the zip file from the link at the end of this post and copy it to your SD card. After this, boot into recovery mode by any button combo that your phone supports or by using the extended power menu and flash the zip file by choosing the option “Install zip from SD card”>”Choose zip from SD card”. You need not wipe anything to flash this zip file. Once it is flashed, you will see a question which asks you whether you wish to choose touch or not. If you choose “No”, you can navigate using the Volume Buttons and select using the Power button or any other button that you use in the recovery mode.


The app also offers you a wide range of customization options like changing the icons, displaying the toolbar as only icon or icon + text or as a list. You can also modify the font and its size. You can choose the theme of the file explorer too.

There are quite a lot more features that this app possess but before you read all other features, I recommend you to download it from the link below and experience it as it is the only app which acts as a file explorer in the recovery mode and obviously, it is free of cost. If you like to thanks the developer, head over to the original thread.

Download Aroma File Manager