Auto Reply To SMS & Incoming Calls on Android

If I were to describe the era we are living in, I would call it an era of Technology where everything is instantaneous and automatic. Everyone is busy accomplishing things and hardly find time to keep up with their smartphones. If you are a busy person, I am pretty sure you would not like to reply to all those texts and calls that you might receive when you are busy. Also, you may perhaps have friends and acquaintances who would be impatient and continue calling you if they do not hear back from you.

Well, you have Android apps to your rescue which make life much easier and simpler and during busy times, you would need an app called beeZee. Just like how it is pronounced, it is an app to be used “when you can’t talk”. It is instantaneous and automatic in telling your friends that you are buys with something and would call them back later.

beeZee is an app that sends automated messages to people who text you when you are busy and also send a text reply to calls which you can not answer. It also integrates with Facebook and lets you update your status when you are busy. I’m sure I wouldn’t be using that feature much but there is a lot more about this app which interests me.

This app is not only for English-speaking people but it can be used internationally. Once you install this app from the link give at the end of this post, you will be shown a list of languages like English, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and many more. This language will be used to reply to your texts and missed calls.

send sms automatically

Once you have selected the language, you will enter the main interface of the app where you need to select profiles. Profiles are used for you to inform your friends why you are busy. There are a few things which you need to do daily. For example, I need to go to college daily where I rarely answer calls or texts. In such case, I can create a profile by typing its name in the text bar above such as “In college, call you back”.

auto reply to texts

After you create the profile, you will be asked to set the time frame for the profile. If you are out for dinner, you may perhaps set it to 2 hours. The profile gets expired right after two hours. You can also set it to silent during this time and the silent mode will be deactivated as soon as the profile expires. You also have an option to set this as your status update on Facebook which will inform your friends about why you would be busy for the next 2 hours. After you have set the time, you can tap on “Set” to activate the profile.

auto reply on android

After your profile is activated, the app resides in your notification bar and generates an SMS based on your profile whenever you receive a text or a call. You can manually deactivate the profile by tapping on it in the notification bar. If you receive promotional calls, you may not wish to send an SMS to them. In that case you can use the option of sending replies only to numbers in your contacts.

There are a few more customization options that you may find in the settings app of the menu. It uses regular SMS to send messages, hence the charges depend on your service provider. Since this is a free app, it has ads at the bottom which do not seem to be obtrusive in any way.

To install this apps, head over to Google Play Store – beeZee.