Automatically Turn off WiFi When You Leave Your Home Network [App]

When I am at home, I have my Android device’s WiFi always turned on. It gives me important notifications about my new Emails and new comments on the blogs I run. Most of you might do that. However, when you leave your home, there might not be any open network available outside (citizens of a few countries may be an exception). Having your WiFi on when there is no network available will result in drainage of power. Most of the phones have a WiFi sleep policy which turns off WiFi after a preset time when you are not using your phone. But when you use it, your device scans for available networks continuously. This again drains your phone’s battery. Home Network Settings is a good app which may help you in such cases.

FBarrosoApps have launched their first app in the Google Play Store which has some great functions and control. Home Network Settings automates Network Data switching depending on the WiFi network available. It also controls your device’s sound settings depending on the network available, pretty useful for people who switch between profiles according to their current location.

Home Network Settings  BlueTooth Settings

The aforementioned features is not all this app has to offer you, it also lets you turn on/off Bluetooth and synchronization when you are not home.

Lock Settings

Apart from this, Home Network Settings can also be used for security purposes. It has a auto-unlock option which can be activated if you wish to keep your phone unlocked when you are home. HNS (Home Network Settings) lets you enable password-unlock when you are not at home. As per my settings, I have disable lock when I am home and enable a password-unlock (either text or numeric) when I am not at home. The reason for this setting is obvious – you may lose your phone when you are out but not when you are home, hence preventing any unauthorized use of your phone. It cam be reset if the unauthorized person resets your phone using the recovery mode. In such cases, I would recommend you to use avast Anti-virus and security app.

To sum up the features of HNS:

  • Turn off unlock when you connect your home network.
  • (You can set ‘None’ or ‘Slide to Unlock’ for when you home)
  • Turn off WiFi when you leave your home network.
  • Turn on Data when you leave your home network.
  • Turn off Data when you connect your home network.
  • Turn on Bluetooth when you leave your home network.
  • Turn off Bluetooth when you connect your home network.
  • Disable Auto-Sync when you leave your home network.
  • Enable Auto-Sync when you connect your home network.
  • Change android profile when you leave your home network and when you connect to it. Profiles you may choose:
  • Silent Mode;
  • Normal Mode;
  • Vibrate Mode;
If you wish to use more than one network for the features mentioned above and have no ads on the app, you can consider purchasing the pro version of this app.

While HNS turns off WiFi when you leave home, it doesn’t let you turn it on automatically when you are back because it is not possible for the app to trace your location while there is no network available. But if you know the time you reach home, you can use Tasker application which automates several tasks on your phone (requires root access).

What are your thoughts about Home Network Security? Would you use it?

Download Home Network Settings (Free)

Download Home Network Settings (Pro)