Aviate Is A Dynamic Launcher That Contextually Surfaces Apps & Information When You Need Them

Organizing apps into folders along with widgets must be a tough task for most of you and who really has the patience to categorize these plenty of apps that you might need frequently. Opening the app drawer and scrolling pages to find an app does require some effort. Aviate launcher reduces your effort in almost every possible way by organizing apps on your home screen depending on when you need them. It is an intelligent launcher that displays information and apps dynamically in a beautiful fashion. The team who developed this launcher includes two ex-Googlers who bring a lot of expertise on app discovery and the Android experience to the table. We just went hands-on with the launcher and found it truly amazing.

A New Layout

Aviate Launcher brings a new layout to your Android home-screen. The following image shows how your home-screen is arranged after you install the launcher. The main screen you see when you press the home button is the second screen from left. You can swipe from left to right to see the first screen (extreme left in the image below). Swipe from right to left to see the third and fourth screens (from left).

Aviate Launcher Screens

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The new layout doesn’t have any wallpaper – instead it lets you choose an image that appears below the “Aviate bar”.  You can also remove this image and place widget in its place. You can also place widgets below the image as you can see I have placed a Poweramp widget right below the image. At the bottom you can see apps I use the most. Note that you do not have an option to display app labels on any screen except for the last screen where you can see all apps categorized alphabetically.


Spaces is what you see when you swipe from left to right on your home screen. These spaces change the information displayed on the home screen and also recommends apps that you might want to use. For instance, if I select the Going somewhere space, the information on the home screen is changed to the following:


When you slide down on the home screen, you can see the Google Maps app displayed and options for you to see the traffic. If you have specified your Home and Office using Google maps. the rest two buttons open up the direction from your location to these places on Google maps. Again, this saves your time as you don’t need to specify the destination manually on Google maps. Also, while you are travelling, you can tap on the + button to see app recommendations that would be useful while you travel.

What’s more? Swipe left and you will be able to see places around you that you might want to visit.


The app also displays information on the home screen in a way like how Google now does when you are home:


Categorized Apps

Apps are automatically arranged into  several collections. The most popular collections are displayed by default, but you can add more by tapping on the settings icon on the top right.


Unfortunately, the app doesn’t let you create your own collections but there are a lot to pick from. I don’t even have so many apps installed that can be shown under each collection.

To see all apps you need to swipe twice from left to right. I couldn’t find some apps in the collections so it had to dig around to find where can I see all apps installed on my phone. Make sure you go through the initial tour of the app you see when you install the app.

What I like the most about the app is that it doesn’t display the Settings of the app in the traditional way as most apps do. It again has an awesome design with the most useful settings displayed in a neat fashion. The app lets you choose between light and dark themes too.

Screenshot_2013-11-09-19-50-54 Screenshot_2013-11-09-19-53-27

Aviate put out a closed Alpha version several months ago that exploded in popularity. The response was incredible, with over 70K users downloading the alpha and waiting for access. The app is now available on “invite-only” basis. You can request an invite after you download the app from the Google Play Store via the link at the end of this post. Also, once you get in, you are allowed to invite 5 of your friends to try Aviate. The invites are sent instantly.

Download Aviate Launcher

Thanks Doug