Backup Call log on Android

Backup is necessary for any hacking attempt you perform on your Android device. Sometimes you would not like to lose your call log as it might contain some important numbers. But when you install custom ROMs on Android, you will have to backup call log that exist in your device. This is not really required before your root a device but while installing ROMs, you need to wipe all data/factory reset from recovery which wipes out everything that exists on your Android phone. In this post we will see a few apps to backup and restore call log on Android.

Please note that the backup location is the SD card and not the internal memory. If it is the internal memory, you may save the backup file in your email or Dropbox.

Call Logs Backup & Restore

A simple App to backup and restore Call Logs (History). Backup is stored by default in /sdcard/CallLogBackupRestore folder.

Backup call log android    

  • Automatic Scheduled Backups.
  • View Backup Contents from within the App.
  • Backups created in XML Format on the SD Card.
  • Option to specify the Backup folder.
  • Internet permission for Ads.


Backup Call History

Call history backup, restore, delete the application.

Backup file, /sdcard/backup/callhistory.xml as to save.

android backup call log    Call log backup android