Backup & Restore Apps + Data From Dropbox Using App Sync [ROOT]

We have been discussing a lot of hacking tutorials here at Hack My Android. While we tell you how to hack your device. we also tell you that you need to backup all data before you proceed. This is very important especially when you are installing custom ROMs. When you install a CyanogenMod 9 or a CM 9 based ROM over the stock ROM, you need to wipe all data in order to get the phone booting properly. This also prevents force close issues and stuck on boot animation problems.

App Sync Root

Usually we suggest you use Titanium Backup to backup all apps along with their data. Apart from backup options, it also helps you remove system apps easily. But there is a new player in the Play Store -App Sync. This app only lets you backup all data and apps on your Android device but has some extra options which Titanium Backup doesn’t offer (not in the free version at least).

App Sync

App Sync lets you backup apps and their data to your Dropbox account. Most of you must be using Dropbox cloud storage service and backing up your apps data to Dropbox is really convenient when you wish to switch between devices. In such cases, you don’t need to copy the data from one device to another. All you need to do is – install the app and connect it to your dropbox account. All apps and their data will be restored from your dropbox account – simple as that.

App Sync Pro

Once  you install App Sync on your device, just link it to your Dropbox account and backup all apps by selecting them or select the “auto backup” option. The auto backup option is available only for Pro users. If you are switching to a different device, just install the app on the second device and select the restore option. All apps will automatically be restored to your device. I have been using this app while I switch between different ROMs and need to wipe data before I install the ROM.

Since this app needs access to data of the apps, it requires Superuser permissions to function and hence your Android device must be rooted before you install this app. You can not backup system apps using this app. You can do that by copying apk files from /system/app/ and storing it in your Dropbox account. Another advantage of this app is that you can share the app and data with your friends by just sharing the Dropbox folder with them. Sounds interesting? Hit the link below to download the app and let us know your thoughts about it.

We would give this app a rating of 3.5/5.

Thanks for the app, Evan.

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