Benchmarks for OnePlus devices running Nougat spotted online

OnePlus devices are a weird lot. Although they have a near Stock Android ROM, updates take a while to be pushed to their devices. Recently, benchmarking websites have been showing the OnePlus lineup running Nougat, so it might not be long before OnePlus owners see an update.

The OnePlus One was spotted on Geekbench running Android Nougat 7.0. The scores for the Single Core and Multicore were 976 and 2521 respectively. The Snapdragon 801, present on the One, is considered not to be compatible with Vulkan API.


On the other hand, the OnePlus Two was spotted running Android 7.0 and 7.1, scoring 1168/2694 and 715/2922. It seems that Android 7.1 is still unstable and might need more optimizations and testing.

OnePlus 3’s scores are looking pretty good with 1747/4007 on Single and Multicore respectively running Android 7.1.

We can expect the updates to hit soon, although no official word is out yet. These updates may finally bring VoLTE to the One and Two, so fingers crossed on that. The fact that the updates are being worked on so quickly after the release of Nougat is a pleasant surprise. Also, updates still being worked on the One is admirable, considering the phone is two generations old.

OnePlus has been quite busy recently, with the OnePlus 3T which is rumoured to be released on December.