BlackBerry to Bring Voice & Video Calling to BBM For Android, Promises More Updates

BlackBerry’s messaging service, BBM is now cross-platform and has been launched on Android and iOS. Though the app works pretty well, it does need to do more to be called as the best messaging app on Android. Considering that the app has been downloaded over 10 million times within the first 24 hours after the app was rolled out officially, people are definitely expecting voice and video calls from BBM. They are coming in the “next few months” Andrew Bocking, executive vice-president of BBM for BlackBerry, told CBC.

Also, BBM had killed the waiting list for all users on Android and iOS. This was done to make sure BlackBerry’s servers aren’t affected due to huge number of people trying to get in like it did happen previously because of a leaked APK. After killing the waiting list service, Bocking also said that BBM will integrate the Channels feature which lets you amass followers and share updates. That would make the app more social and hence BlackBerry will be able to bring back people to use their service.

BBM will remain free always but BlackBerry has other ways to monetize the app. Probably the channels feature will feature sponsored content? This isn’t clear as of now. What do we know at the moment is that the voice and video feature that is available on BBM for BlackBerry devices is coming to Android and iOS soon along with the channels feature.

Are you still using BBM for Android? What are your thoughts about these upcoming features? Do let us know in the comments below.

via CBC