Block Balance Update & USSD Messages on Android Phones

As far as India is concerned, when you make a call or send a message, a pop up appears which shows you the balance in your account. This pop up appears even if you are sending messages that don’t cost you a penny. I usually get irritated because of this when I am chatting with my friends via SMS. The popups telling me that my Last Call cost was 0.00 pisses me off. It was  then that I came across a post on XDA regarding an app that has been developed by XDA forum member talkative. This is one of the best utility apps I had been looking for.

Sample USSD Message

There are really a lot of apps on Google Play Store that help you block SMS messages but these pops which are known as USSD messages are not trapped into the block and hence the Balance Update / USSD blocker application comes into play.


You may choose to block messages that contain a specific string (substring match), or a list of keywords (comma separated keyword list), or advanced users can specify regular expressions that when matched trigger blocking.

You can also choose to show the balance update message once per day (or week/month). This will cause the first balance update message to show up, and all other messages will be blocked for the rest of the day.

The best part of this app is that it is Adfree. There is really  no space for blocking except the options panel but you don’t need to open it regularly.

You need to reboot your phone after installing this app. You can configure the options later.

Okay, I installed this app few minutes ago but unfortunately, it could not block the USSD messages that came up when I sent messages. The workaround is that you enter the keywords that appear in the USSD message.

I’m on Airtel and the message that appears starts with “Call cost”. So I went into the configuration panel of the app and selected Matching method as “Keyword list” and in the Keyword list option, I entered the keyword as “Call cost”.

The next moment, it was blocked 😉 You can also enter a list of keywords separated by commas in case you wish to block USSD Messages of different format.

Download Balance Update / USSD blocker