BulletSenseFX: Best Sense 4.0a ROM For HTC Explorer

It has been long time that people have been asking me about the best ROM for the little HTC Explorer. Since I too own one, i can say that finally I have found a ROM that is way better than any other HTC Sense ROM that is available for the little droid that performs well beyond it’s own capabilities. We’ve been receiving a lot of negative responses regarding the Sense 4.0a ROM which was originally ported by derefas as it had too many issues that affected the user experience. As a reply to that, we have this BulletSenseFX ROM modded by bulletproof136 which is based upon Sense 4.0a build#7 by derefas but topped up with numerous tweaks and a pinch of Sense 5.0 in the interface.


Screenshot_2013-03-09-21-53-48_zps582e7da5 Screenshot_2013-03-09-21-54-02_zpse9bb5e52

Screenshot_2013-03-09-22-01-27_zpsa38c763f Screenshot_2013-03-09-22-05-56_zpsc9145864

[box_light]Before you proceed with the installation, we recommend you to backup all data on your phone. To make backups easily, you can read our complete backup guide. If you do not have device drivers installed, you can download them here. We are not responsible for any damage your device might face with this guide – the chances in this case are very less though.[/box_light]

How to Install BulletSenseFX HTC Sense 4.0a ROM on HTC Explorer?

You should start by downloading the firmware.zip file from here and till then, Connect your Phone to the Computer via USB Cable so that you can copy the downloaded flashable zip file to the root of your sdcard which is the /sdcard/ folder. Now, disconnect your phone from the computer and then turn it off, re-insert the batteries and boot it into the Recovery mode. Before you proceed, please check whether you have made a nandroid backup in the recovery mode so that you can revert back to your previous ROM if you wish to. Now wipe all previous data/Do a factory reset including dalvik cache in order to avoid “Low memory” issues and then select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to the root folder of your sd card and flash the zip file you downloaded above.  Wait for the program to terminate, it may take a bit longer than usual flashing as it flashes some part of data to your sd-ext partition.

As soon it gets done, go back and Reboot the system. If your phone rebooted successfully, you’re home. For further assistance you can leave your queries in the comments section or you can contact the author on Google Plus or you can head to the original thread you can head over to our Facebook page for some quick help either from us or the community members!

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    my phone is stuck on the htc logo after rooting……..what should i do?