CallApp is Probably the Best Dialer & Caller ID For Your Android

After testing quite a lot of Caller ID apps and dialers, I decided to use CallApp which is probably the best one till date. It has hit the Google Play Store recently and has good ratings and reviews. According to TechCrunch, CallApp is one of the most promising startup this year. CallApp was a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt 2012 – one of the most anticipated technology conferences.

CallApp integrates your contacts with your social networks. Quite a lot of apps do that but this app does it differently making it interesting.  CallApp provides you with all info you need about the person you are talking to. It can be used to view contacts,call logs and also has a beautiful caller ID with some customization options.


Upon installing the app, you will be asked to connect your phone to your social accounts like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. After you connect your accounts, the app uses the pictures of your friends form these accounts when you get a call from them. This can also be disabled.

On the CallerID you will also be shown a recent status update from the user’s profile. It also has a business caller ID which displays the information about the company. That’s possible if the number is associated with a Facebook page.

The caller ID also gives you some options like sending  message to the contact, share your location with the contact, share pictures and a few more. So you need not go back to the home screen while you are on a call, instead you can do these operations directly from the caller ID screen.

You can also save notes for contacts on your phone. These notes will be displayed when the person calls you. The caller ID is customizable – you can make it short, medium, large or disable the caller ID this app provides and use the stock caller ID you have on your phone. With these many things being displayed on the caller ID, it does not make things cluttered. You can re-order information that is displayed on the caller ID placing what you wish to see on the top.

I’ve not experienced any issues with the app as of now but I am not sure how it would run on low-end android devices. It certainly needs some high numbers on the specs of the device as the app has to start without any delay as soon as you receive a call. Since this app does something different from other apps and also gives quite a lot of customization options, we’ll give this app 4 stars.

 Download CallApp for Android

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    Thanks for a great review – CallApp team 
    How can we make it a 5 star? 🙂

    • May be by making it faster. My phone has a 1 GHz processor with CyanogenMod 9 which makes it pretty faster than the stock firmware. So when I receive a call, the native caller ID comes up and then CallApp's caller ID is shown- so you know it would take some more time to show up on the stock firmware. If it performs faster, I don't think there is any other improvement it needs 🙂

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        We hope to provide some more performance improvements on the upcoming version. take care, and keep up the great blog 🙂 if you have any remarks feel free to contact via our support email