Change Android Boot Animation Using These Apps

The best thing about Android is its open source nature which lets you change almost everything on your android device. After you get root access, you can change the way the Android OS works on your device and you can customize the UI of your Android OS very easily. When it comes to customization, you may also wish to change boot animation on your Android phone. Boot animation is the animation that appears on your phone once you power on your device. Unless you change it, you will have the boot animation provided by your manufacturer which usually contains the logo of the manufacturer company.

The boot animation is usually present as a .zip file in the folder /system/media. You can view it anytime using Root Explorer only if you have root access. A simple way to change boot animation is to download a boot animation you wish from the internet and replace the zip file with the one you have downloaded. The name of the zip file is usually Here is a screenshot of the Beauty Sense ROM for LG P350 with the in /system/media directory.

To make your work easier, we’ll be showing you two apps which let you change boot animation on your android device easily.

Boot Animation Manager

Boot Manager is an application that supports Android 2.2+.  Boot Animation Manager by XDA recognised developer D4rKn3sSyS is a tool for Windows that makes swapping out boot animations as simple as possible with nothing more than a few clicks. It lets you drag and drop the bootanimation zip file and preview it in a window after which you can choose to install it on your phone or not.

Boot animation manager

Pushing the boot animation is very easy. The requirements for using this app are:

  • Android OS [2.2+]
  • Phone Rooted
  • Superuser
  • Busybox
  • ANY File explorer with txt/csv mimetype (like Root Explorer or OI FileManager)

To install the boot animation,

  • Connect your phone
  • Drag & drop the animation you would like to install
  • Preview it
  • Then push to your device (It will even backup your current animation before pushing the new one)
Update: The latest version of this app does not require the device being connected to the computer. You can download the APK file and the to your SD card and install using the app as shown in the video below:


Download Boot Animation Manager

Boot Animation Changer

This app works only on your phone and does not require a Computer. It does not help you backup your current Boot Animation but it does give you access to some preloaded boot animations which the previous app doesn’t. You only need a rooted phone and a working internet connection to get this app working on your device. A few limitations might be cause due to the screen resolution of your device though.

The Pro app lets you import boot animations and the preloaded boot animations which I have mentioned above are also available in the pro version only!

Boot animation changer  Import Boot animations

Download Boot Animation Changer

Have you come across any other apps that are better than these? If yes, please share your knowledge in the comments below 🙂