LG Optimus Me P350 Gets Stable CM9 ICS and Alpha CM10 Jelly Bean ROMs

Being one of those handsets of the past which had been declared as the natives of the forbidden kingdom by the firms, LG Optimus me seems toh have some amount of fuel left in itself to deal shoulders with some of the latest offerings which are still stuck at Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The LG Optimus Me P350 (codename:PECAN) sported a 600Mhz armv6 CPU coupled with 179Megabytes of user RAM and an overall flashy package for the buck. The phone got badly betrayed by the firm which chose to run off from the promised updates while it’s chubbier sibling, the flashy Optimus One P500 got a blasting response along with an official Gingerbread update which marked it as one of the bestselling mobiles that LGE ever produced. The LG Optimus Me P350 got stuck on stock Android 2.2 Froyo but a team of developers @hackmyandroid.com forums have pulled out a series of updates for the little droid, while the total number of ROMs(Android 2.3+) ported possibly exceed some of the bestsellers too!


While the list of the ROMs goes on and on for this little dude( along with a huge number of alien OS ports by Luis Akira), some of the best ever Gingerbead ROMs are CM7.2 by paxxor, CM7.2 Nightlies by Ron Gokhle, Pure Gingerbread/Cosmic Xperia by Venkat Kamesh and the highly tweaked yet battery hungry CM invasion by Keyur Maru. Install any of the above ROMs from the forums, and you’ll get a guaranteed zippy Android 2.3 Gingerbread experience and in many ways, better than the condemned Official update.

Time has moved on and so has the team. After the numerous successful Gingerbread ports, the team is focusing on bringing to the PECAN, stable CM9 i.e. ICS and CM10 Jelly Bean ROMs and finally we have these ROMs ready to be flashed onto your PECANs. Not to mention the hard work put in getting the Camera to work on the CM9 ICS ROM which is still farfetched to any other device of it’s generation.

  Mini CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

The Mini CM9 ICS ROM is a stripped version of the CM9 port which has all the functionalities of a proper ROM but just without the flashy stuff like the wallpapers and all(of-course you can apply your own wallpapers!). Hack My Android Forum member Keyur2Maru has put in a lot of efforts to get this working and with the team backing up, you can expect the bugs list to be a bit on the shorter side.

What’s working



This gives you an estimate of the performance of the ROM:

CM9RAM  CM9 for LG P350

All in all this ROM can be flashed and is almost ready for daily usage as apart from the battery bug, there’s hardly anything to worry about to get working. For more on this ROM and Installation instructions, you can head over to the original thread.

Mini CM10 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM

This is again a stripped version of the CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for the LG Optimus Me P350 ported by the team and as everyone knows, the LG Pecan is one of those rare devices of it’s generation to make it to CM10 if you consider the hardware inside. Again, as this ROM is still under development, you can expect a few bugs here and there but don’t worry as the developers are working hard and fast to get these sorted out as soon as possible.


31569_371305089630033_1499101882_n  391898_371305146296694_637853565_n

Not Working or Partially Working:

  • Reboots When End Button is Pressed [We’re Trying]
  • Sensors [Will be Fixed]
  • Panorama


  • Removed wallpapers, Live wallpapers and Some ringtones
  • removed Bootanimation
  • removed ROM manager (can be downloaded from the play store)
  • removed few LatinIME dictionaries (da, hr, iw, ka)
  • no languages other then english (Use this app for languages )

Known issues:

  • Native USB Tethering – Use a third party app
  • Reboots When End Button is Pressed
  • Panorama – It Captures But it is Blank Image.

For more on this ROM and installation instructions, you can head over to the CM 9 Thread or CM 10 Thread.