CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies for LG Optimus Black P970 Now Live

The LG Optimus Black P970 had already received some CyanogenMod 9 love earlier which was also stable but an official one. The device then received an official ICS update in France which was leaked and made available to everyone who owns this device. Up next is Jelly Bean Android 4.1 and Android 4.2. Since LG is not providing any further updates to this device, LG Optimus Black users now need to depend upon custom ROMs to taste Jelly Bean.


What could be better than a CyanogenMod 10 ROM that gives you a taste of Jelly Bean? This time it is official. The CyanogenMod team is working hard on compiling CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM for this device. Please note that a CyanogenMod 10.0 is already available as a stable build and gives you Android 4.1.

The CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM will give you Android 4.2 along with some goodies like Notification bar power toggles, Swype-style keyboard input and a new Camera app. While all this enhances your Android experience on the phone, you can also be assured that the CyanogenMod team will release a stable build of the ROM pretty soon.

cm10 lg p970

To get Jelly Bean running on your device, you need to download the ROM from the link below or use the ROM Manager app to get these builds. You can grab the zip file and place it too your device’s SD card. Backup all important data on your device and  flash the zip file via recovery mode and make sure you wipe data, cache and dalvik cache to avoid force close issues. The installation is pretty simple but if you face any issues, feel free to comment below.

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  • asad alam

    hey dude could u plz tell me the detailed procedure of using cyanogenmod 10 to install jellybean on my lg p970

    • Lalit Indoria

      Download the zip file and flash via recovery mode.

      • Yeti_Rider

        Do you have any idea why my phone will not go into recovery mode?

        I am tired of the quick battery usage since ICS and would like to see if JellyBean resolves it.

        Each time I try going into recovery mode, it just does a factory reset and wipes everything. Including when I use the app you posted to boot into recovery.

        Do you think rolling back to Gingerbread first might help?

        I have had a black screen come up saying something like “this is the recovery screen which the repair store uses to save your data”, but that just stays on the screen forever, and nothing further happens.

        • Lalit Indoria

          If you are using official ICS, I am sorry, no one has compiled a recovery for that yet. You can roll back to Stock GB (there are recoveries for stock GB) and use CyanogenMod!

          • Yeti_Rider

            So I can try to roll back to GB, enter recovery mode (as I cannot seem to do it in official ICS), and then jump to JellyBean?

          • Lalit Indoria

            Yes, you can!

  • samrat

    detail please..

    • Lalit Indoria

      What details mate? All CyanogenMod 10 ROMs look same 🙂

  • samrat

    To get Jelly Bean running on your device, you need to download the ROM from the link below, i have downloaded the file but how i install it or what is the ROM Manager? app to get these builds. You can grab the zip file and place it too your device’s SD card, i have been placed it in my SD Card and how i flash the zip file via recovery mode?

  • samrat

    this application wants to rooted device, but lg optimus black p970 is not rooted device, how to root the device, if possible please write with snap shot in details. your ICS updated is awesome, everything is working fine except camera zooming with volume key, please fix it.

    • Lalit Indoria

      It is official ICS so I can't help it. I will post how to root it soon.

    • Lalit Indoria

      Here it the tutorial to root the device but you can not flash custom ROMs unless we figure out how to unlock the bootloader.

  • samrat

    thanks a lot for the tutorial of how to root the device, but….if i cannot flash custom ROMs, then i will update the jelly bean??

    • Lalit Indoria

      You need to roll back to Gingerbread and flash the ROMs

      • samrat

        how to roll back to Gingerbread from ICS on lg optimus black?

        • Lalit Indoria

          I’ll post that soon!

  • samrat

    did u try or experienced/tested it on lg optimus black, if u experienced it then is it working properly..??

  • da da

    Hi. i have an unrooted and still on gingerbread lg p970. do i need to update to ics ( from you past post) to use cyanogenmod 10 ? or can i just use to flash it?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Sorry, the link you have given is not valid. You don’t need to update to ICS, directly flash this from recovery mode!

      • shiju

        i download cmm10 for lg p970 and i installed rom mangaer app flashing clockwork mode also succesfully finished but when i press back up current phone reboot lg appers with security error how i can solve this pls help bro

        • Lalit Indoria

          I have no idea about ROM Manager, you need to contact the app developer for this.

  • Arvinth

    how to roll back to Gingerbread from ICS on lg optimus black? pls help me…

  • rj

    wifi not turning on and google apps not available pls help

  • Yeti_Rider

    Well I rolled back to GB and then installed JB 10 and EVERY single problem I had with mine on ICS has gone (including massive battery usage, SD card unmounting and others).

    Thanks for the help Lalit.

  • Francis

    I installed how one of the nightlies and I can’t get usb mass storage to work, usb debugging also doesn’t work, please help.