CyanogenMod Installer Is Live on Google Play, Provides Hassle-Free Flashing

The CyanogenMod installer will probably be the best tool for newbies to use and flash CyanogenMod ROMs to their device – it had been in beta for the past few days and has finally hit the Play Store. All you need is their app, their desktop client and a USB cable to start flashing CyanogenMod ROM to your device. It doesn’t support all devices but many will be added soon.

CyanogenMod installer CyanogenMod installer app

To use the CyanogenMod installer, your device doesn’t need to be rooted or unlocked to use this tool – it does all that for you automatically. The process requires unlocked bootloader on most devices that don’t support flashing of a custom kernel. Hence it is limited to a few devices in which the unlocking process is easier. It includes all Nexus devices and a few top Samsung and HTC One variants. You can see the list of supported devices at CyanogenMod wiki.

Most newbies find rooting and flashing a custom recover image difficult especially with the ADB commands. CyanogenMod installer has made it easier as it roots the devices and flashes a CWM image to your device too. If your device is supported, go ahead and hit the download links below.

Download Desktop client