Disable Notifications From Select Apps Using Notifications Off

If you use top many apps on your smartphone, you may be annoyed with the number of notifications you get from these apps. Though Android notifications are too good as more than notifications from more than one app are grouped together and shown as a single  notification in the notification bar, too many apps may flood your notification bar.

Notifications off cover

While some apps provide you an option to turn off notifications, some don’t and that’s when Notifications off comes into play. Notifications off is a simple app that does exactly what its name says. It helps you turn off notifications of apps all in a single place. This is also useful if you don’t wish to open the settings panel of every app and update their notification settings.

App type Notifications off

Notifications off requires root access on your device, tough luck for unrooted users because the app has the capability to disable notifications from system apps too. Also, you can choose to disable all notifications from the settings panel if you don’t wish to be disturbed probably when you’re in a meeting. Also, you can choose to disable notifications of any newly downloaded apps.

Once you save the settings, the notifications from all apps that are checked will never be visible in the notifications tray. The app is free and requires Android 4.1+ to run.

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