We do include a few lines of disclaimer on all of our posts but in case we miss them, here is the full disclaimer for the whole site.

Bricked Devices

The content that we post on Hack My Android lets you explore the open source nature of Android and we do not aim at bricking your devices. Android developers release custom ROMs which can be installed on your device to enhance the performance of your device and the user experience. We do not hold any liability to the ROMs that are released by the developers. The developers are also not responsible for the same. The tutorials posted here on this blog are risky and we do not encourage anyone trying them out. You are responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device.

We are always here to help you and you can comment on the tutorials if you face any issues and one of our authors will surely respond to your comment in a short span of time. Please make sure you have a look at your email frequently as you will be notified only via email.

Void Warranties

As already mentioned, the tutorials posted here on Hack My Android are risky. These tutorials also help you remove stock apps provided by the manufacturers by means of rooting the device. Once you root your device or install a custom ROM, your warranty is void because this does not seem to go well into the eyes of the manufacturers. This will not lead to any legal action against you because of the open source nature of Android OS. The manufacturers however show their rage by terminating support for your device.

We are not responsible if you lose the warranty of your device by following tutorials on Hack My Android.

If you have any other issues and concerns, feel free to contact us.