Discover New Apps, Games & More with Moborobo’s Built-in Web Resources or Mobo Market [SPONSORED]

Being a reader of this site, I’m sure you are not new to Moborobo. While we shared some great features Moborobo offers in managing your Android phone remotely, we will today talk about some great web resources it has to offer along with the MoboMarket that can be used as a Google Play Store alternative.

Moborobo has a desktop client which can be installed very easily on your PC. While you run the desktop client with your phone connected to the PC (either via a USB connection or wirelessly), you will see tabs named Apps, Images, Music, Videos and Themes.


These tabs let you manage apps and other content on your Android phone. Also, on the left you can browse around the web resources of Moborobo. Clicking on the apps tab will show you apps that Moborobo’s resources features.

An important feature I would like to emphasis on is that downloading an app from Moborobo’s desktop client does not actually download the app on your phone as it does in the Google Play Store. The desktop client downloads the app to your PC and pushes it to your phone. This saves data cost on your phone and is preferable to downloading APKs on your PC and then transferring it to your device’s memory to install the app. Moborobo features the best apps available for your phone – you don’t get to see any spammy apps with intrusive ads that you might find on the Play Store.

While you browse the apps, you have an option to browse of the most recent apps that have been added to the resources or you can list them according to their rankings. This makes app discovery much easier. You can also discover some new games, music, videos and images in a similar fashion. They are available on their respective tabs and can be downloaded on your PC. The desktop client automatically pushes them to your phone. These tasks can be monitored using the Task Manager built within the client itself. Please note that all these web resources available on Moborobo are free of cost. There are no paid apps available in the Web Resources.




While the desktop client seems to be a much easy way to download content for your phone on your laptop, you may also try out Mobo Market on your Android phone itself. You don’t need a PC for this – it is similar to downloading an app from the Play Store with some additional features.

The Mobo Market has four tabs on the bottom. The Focus tab shows you Featured, Must-have and latest apps. The Must have tab shows you apps that are essential for your daily needs in a categorized fashion.

Screenshot_2013-09-12-16-14-15 Screenshot_2013-09-12-16-14-33

The Apps tab lists apps just like how you see on the Desktop client. App discovery is fun when you are using Mobo Market. They are categorized in a neat fashion and there are also collection of apps. For example, the weather collection shows the best apps that are available in the weather category.

Screenshot_2013-09-12-17-04-06  Screenshot_2013-09-12-17-05-57

You can also discover Games in a similar way. The best part of discovering Games using Mobo Market is that you can list them according to rankings. While you browse games according to rankings, you can choose to sort them via their download count, top rated,, new released or trending games. Apart from this, there is also an option to list Games according to their language – English or non-English. These are some features that you don’t find on the Play Store.


Apart from Apps and Games, you can also find some amazing Wallpapers for your device. Again, these are available in various categories for you to choose from.

Screenshot_2013-09-12-17-15-20 Screenshot_2013-09-12-16-18-22

Just like how the Play Store does, Mobo Market also checks for the version of the apps installed on your phone and prompts your for updates whenever a new version of the app is available. The Settings on the app are basic ones, you can disable loading of images when you are on a 2G/3G connection. You can also choose to install apps automatically once you download them. Enabling the Smart Install option will not show you the installation alert screen on your phone provided you have root access on your device. If you haven’t rooted your device yet, you can read our guide on Android rooting.

Screenshot_2013-09-12-16-13-34  Screenshot_2013-09-12-16-19-04

Moborobo’s features are plenty and considering the fact that it offers both remote control of your Android device and app discovery, it is a must have application. You can go ahead and download Moborobo’s Desktop client or MoboMarket APK from the links given below. Do lets us know your reviews/suggestions about the app in the comments below.