YouTube introduces Live Streaming & Double Tap to Seek

Double Tap to Seek

The YouTube Android app’s latest update brings double tap to seek feature. This lets users skip forward or rewind videos by 10 seconds. Just as the name suggests, you can do this by double-tapping the left or right side of the video you’re watching. Upon doing so, a fast-forward or a rewind icon appears for a second and then promptly skips a portion of the video. This feature was already present since December (version 11.47 ) but it’s only been enabled by default since version 12.03 became available for download. Double tap to seek might not be a major feature but sure is nice to have. It makes forwarding and rewinding videos pretty convenient.

The YouTube Android app update started rolling out on Monday and should be available world-wide in a few days.

Live Streaming

YouTube says it’s ready to offer mobile live streaming to anyone with over 10,000 subscribers. YouTube is coming in rather late with mobile live streaming. Despite its dominance in online video, Facebook and Twitter have embraced the “stream mentality” before YouTube.

YouTube already supports live streaming from a computer. Now, a live button will be added to the mobile/tablet app. Live videos will pop up in your notifications and recommendations and users can also search for live videos. Users can set a custom title, enable or disable live chat and choose to send notifications to your subscribers.

Live streaming used to always be game oriented though now, it could be a platform for more serious stuff. That, or live videos of celebrations or celebrities.

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