Download APKs of Android Applications Directly From Google Play

Most of us have been searching out those file upload services and torrent sites for the APKs of our favorite Android applications or games so as to keep them safe for future installations but most of the times we get to see some kind of packaging error or corrupted data on the way. For this, we need a way, a much simpler one to get a bit more genuine copies of those applications and what could be better than downloading the installers directly from the hosted servers! Think about it.


Excited? Let’s Begin! To get started, you need to download the application zip file (Link provided at the bottom of the post.) and extract it’s contents to a folder on your system (I would recommend using a fresh one here!). Real APK Leecher is a Standalone Java application which doesn’t requires any sort of installation or privileges so just select the .exe and hit the enter key which’ll make the options window of the app to pop out where you’ll be asked to configure the app as per your own preferences.

Note: In order to get your Device ID, open the dialpad on your droid and enter  *#*#8255#*#* after which you Device ID will show up in GTalk Service Monitor or as an alternative, you can do it via installing an additional app named as DeviceID from the Play Store and let it fetch you the ID itself!

Here’s what the Options window looks like:


After you enter the Device ID and the Gmail Username with which your phone has been registered on the servers, you’ll have to select the download folder where all the downloaded APKs will land. Further, you also get the option to select a folder in which you have kept other APKs so that the application will check for the pre-existing version of the APK to be downloaded(If any).

Being done with the configuration part, you have to hit the save button and continue where you’ll be taken to the main screen of the application(you can revert back to the options window via Edit>Options.). Now, this is where the fun begins!

APK Leecher

All that’s left to be done is to enter the Name of the desired application in the search box and hit enter. The list of related apps corresponding to the search keyword will appear at front where you can select the better one. Now you’ll have to right click over the app’s name and select “Download this App” from the dropout window as the download progress window will follow which will show you the realtime progress of your download!

Download APK To PCReal APK Leecher can download almost every APK corresponding to the applications present in the Play Store, including the paid ones, the condition being that you can downloaded only pre-purchased ones under the account registered in the options menu. Further, you can download those freebies totally hassle free and can also fetch some region specific applications by altering the SIM Operator Numberic (SON) i.e. using a fake carrier identity.

By the time you finish reading this article up, your fingers must be itching to get your hands on this amazing standalone APK downloader. Here goes the link:

Real APK Leecher Download

What’s your cut? Would you like to give it a try? Do leave us the name of the Apps that rank first on your wishlist! 🙂
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