Download Flipboard APK File [App From Samsung Galaxy S3]

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a hot news from the past few months and since the time Samsung has announced the phone, there are lot of discussions going on regarding the apps that Samsung Galaxy S3 would feature (check Samsung Galaxy S3 features). Samsung Galaxy S3 has some remarkable apps and one among them is Flipboard.

Flipboard is was an app exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S3 as it can now be installed on any phone as its APK File has been leaked by someone at XDA who got his hands on the device and extracted the APK file using Airdroid (smart move ;)). Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on Ice Cream Sandwich and you may now wonder if it would work on Gingerbread or Froyo. Yes, it does and we have tested it on Gingerbread. The app works without any lag and you can feature all the features of the app.

While the developers of the app say that they will release the app for other phones too, you don’t need to wait anymore as you can download the app right away from the link at the bottom of the post.

Flipboard apk     


After installing Flipboard, you can connect your Facebook, Twitter accounts and RSS feeds with it. There are categories of interest that you would need to select at the beginning and these categories will be added as tiles on the dashboard of the app.

If you wish to add feeds to your Flipboard app, you can just search for it by tapping on the search button on the top. The search results would be either Twitter feeds or RSS feeds which can be added as tiles to your Dashboard.

A question may arise as to how would it perform compared to other feed readers and if you were to believe me, the metro-look of Flipboard is pleasing and attractive unlike other feed readers. The images can be seen in full screen and you can also share the content you read right from Flipboard provided you had connected your Facebook and/or Twitter account with it. An option to email also exists which would take you to your email app .

I’ve been using this app for 30 minutes now and found no bugs but th escreen transitions may not be the way they are supposed to be because you know the app is for Samsung Galaxy S3. This transition issue would not occur if you own a high-end Android device,

How was your experience with Flipboard? Let us know in the comments section below 🙂

Download Flipboard APK file (Unavailable on Google Play Store)