Download Gmail 4.2 APK with Pinch To Zoom And More Exciting Features

The new Gmail app will have those features which most of the Android users have been waiting for and perhaps posting them as comments on the Google Play Store. The new version of Gmail is 4.2 and it has pinch to zoom effect along with a few more like swipe to archive. You can set that as an option. You may delete the message when swiped over it, archive it or take no action. Not only this, you can also report a message as phishing right from your Gmail Android app.


Images courtesy – Android Police

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You must have a rooted Android device running Android 4.0+ to install Gmail 4.2 APK. The reason for this is the difference in signatures Google uses for the Gmail app that is available at the Play Store and the APK which you will download now which is perhaps the test version. Due to this difference of signatures, you cannot apply this app as an update to the existing Gmail Android app and you will need to remove it. Since Gmail is a system app, you will need to mount /system which is possible only if your device is rooted.

After you install this APK and Google updates the Gmail app, you may need to delete the APK you downloaded (as given in Step 3) and then download the app from Google Play Store.

Steps to Install Gmail 4.2 APK

  • Download the Gmail 4.2 APK from one of the links given at the end of this post, rename it to Gmail2.apk and move them to your SD card.
  • Use Root Explorer or root-aware file explorer to open your phone’s system directories.
  • Remove all versions of Gmail from your Android. The best way to do this is to use Titanium Backup and proceed to Step 5. If it doesn’t work, go to /system/app and look for Gmail’s apk file. You can identify it using the Gmail icon. Delete all of those files that have the Gmail icon. You may also need to delete the Gmail apks that can be found in /data/app. A few may be named as “[number].apk”.
  • Next, delete the .odex files matching the names of the apk files in Step 3.
  • Reboot your Android device.
  • You should not have Gmail on your Android now.
  • You can now install the downloaded Gmail 4.2 APK as usual using a file explorer. If that doesn’t work, use the ADB command “adb install Gmail2.apk”.

If you still face issues installing it, let us know in the comments below.

Download Gmail 4.2 APK

Via Android Police