Download Google Keyboard 2.0 From Android 4.4 KitKat

Most of the Android 4.4 KitKat apps are now reaching out to people even before they get their hands on the Nexus 5 and now, we have the Google Keyboard 2.0 available for download. The keyboard has space-aware gestures and emoji built-in.

Google-Keyboard-2.0-APK About-Google-Keyboard-2.0

The swiping trail as you can see is white instead of blue to match with the icons in the status bar that have been changed from blue to white. Also. space-aware gestures are present which help the keyboard predict when to insert spaces between words. You can do this by swiping your finger over the space key and then swiping it over the next word’s keys. This is similar to SwiftKey flow and I’ll surely stick to SwiftKey yet because Google Keyboard isn’t smart enough to predict words. However, if you don’t wish to spend money and you need a light keyboard that doesn’t occupy much RAM, you can go ahead and hit the download link at the end of this post.

It has emoji built-in which can be seen when you long-press the enter key. These emojis appear colorful on an Android 4.4 ROM but not on lower versions.

Download Google Keyboard 2.0 APK