Download Samsung S Voice APK To Run on Your Samsung Phones

Samsung brought a whole new set of features with Galaxy S4 and one of them was the S Voice feature which is now available for download.


Sammobile received a sytem dump of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The S voice app recently received an update and thanks to an insider at Sammobile who grabbed the APK of S Voice.

The S Voice app is similar to Google now. It runs on voice based commands and can help you update your social networks, open apps, dial a phone, set alarms and it can also answer to questions you ask.

The S Voice app seems to work well on Samsung firmwares. AOSP ROMs however have issues with this app.  Sammobile has tested this app on Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4 out which the first two devices passed the test.

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It would be interesting to see how the Android community ports this APK file to non-Samsung devices. Also, will it run only on Jelly Bean. All this is not clear as of now, but you can download the app from the link below and install it as a normal app on your phone.

Download S Voice APK

Do let us know your experience with this app.

via Sammobile