[Download] Sony Xperia M Receives Android 4.3 Update [Build 15.4.A.0.23]

The Sony Xperia M launched last year with Android 4.1 out of the box. There hasn’t been any OS update since then, not even Android 4.2 but today Sony has rolled out Android 4.3 update for the Xperia M. The update should arrive on both single SIM and dual SIM variants of Xperia M, however as of now the update is available only for the single SIM variant.

The update includes:

  • Google Android 4.3 (Jellybean), bringing smooth UI and graphics enhancements
  • New version of Battery STAMINA Mode for longer battery life
  • Updated camera interface bringing Burst Mode, Superior Auto & More
  • Updated applications from Sony featuring Walkman, Album, Movies & More
  • Latest security enhancements from Android 4.3

To get this update, you need to go to Settings>About phone and check for software updates to see if you get a notification to update your phone to Android 4.3 build 15.4.A.0.23. You can download the update and install it on your phone if you see the notification. If not, you can download the update and flash it to your device manually.

Manual flashing will not void the warranty of your device.

OTAs roll out regionally, hence you might not receive the update as soon as today but folks at XDA forums are generous enough upload the FTF file online so people all over the world can download the update and flash it to their device.

In case your device is rooted, flashing this update will revoke root access and you may have to root the device again if you wish to. The bootloader status of your device will not change by flashing this update. It remains locked/unlocked as it was before flashing.

You may want to backup all data on your device before you flash the update. Though this is not required, it will save you from losing data if something goes wrong. To backup data, read our data backup guide.

Download Xperia M Android 4.3 FTF (Skydrive)

To flash the FTF to your device, you can read the steps mentioned in this tutorial.

  • Kh

    I have forgotten my passcode for my sony xperia m, is there any way to by pass it without losing all the data as I have photos and texts from a deceased friend on the phone. Please help!

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