Download USB Drivers For Your Android Device

USB Drivers are let your PC communicate with your device. Quite a lot of Android apps, hacking tools and scripts require USB Drivers installed on your PC. If you are executing some ADB Commands, you will need Android USB Drivers installed with USB Debugging enabled which will let the ADB server on your PC communicate with the ADB client on your device. If there are no USB Drivers installed on your PC, you will not be able to perform activities on your device via the PC.

Let us now list out some USB Drivers for the phones covered by us at Hack My Android.

Universal ADB Driver Installer

Irrespective of the device you own, I recommend you to install ADB drivers on your PC. Sometimes the solution to a few problems is the execution of an ADB command. This tool developed by drsmart on XDA is your solution to the “device not found” error you might get on executing ADB commands. The Universal ADB Driver installer detects your phone and installs the ADB drivers for it.


Download ADB Driver Installer


There is also something known as Fastboot. To install fastboot drivers, connect your phone to the PC via USB in fastboot mode and the drivers should be automatically installed.

Download USB Drivers