Download the William Hill Sports Betting App

Sports betting has grown exponentially in the last 5 years. The market was great with the existence of betting shops located in different street corners, it got a lot better with the advent of online betting as now users from all over the world could access bookies at anytime from anywhere and even cut down their wager amount to as little as $2.00. Companies were able to move onto offshore locations for their online operations were lower tax rates favored their business.

Throughout this time William Hill has been one of the fastest growing businesses in the online world, owning a great market share of physical shops in the entire UK, to the point the Irish government forced them to sell part of their share to avoid monopoly. Now they have conquered Las Vegas by purchasing the major shops back in a 2015/16 operation to enter the exclusive American market. On the online world William Hill entered with force back in 2008, it did so with the following purchase of an important percentage of the virtual casino game developer PLayTech, provider to some of the most exclusive online casinos of all time. With their help William Hill developed their unique Virtual Sports Betting AI platform, a virtual world were clubs from different sports face each other with a sophisticated AI controlling each player. Users can bet on these events and wager depending on the given odds. Now we know the direction online betting is headed to.

In terms of mobile betting, well the total number of online bets taken by 2017 composed 20% of the market. It has grown exponentially since the advent of Smartphones and is said to surpass the 50% mark by 2020. Mobile Betting is perfect for bettors, they can now take live bets or Intra Play bets easily and fast. These type of bets offer the chance to a user of taking bets as a match is underway. So if a football club has just scored a goal and their game looks solid, a bettor can then take the decision to back them up instead of making that decision when the game hadn´t even begun.

Surprisingly enough there are no betting apps on two most popular app stores, iTunes and Google Play. Both of these forbid the marketing of betting applications on their platforms, so until recently users would have to use their phone to log into the betting website without the aid of an app.

But that was yesterday, in the present William Hill has a developed their own betting app with the help of renowned Swedish developer Mobenga, which can be downloaded directly from their website. The fact that both Android and Apple go against these types of apps doesn´t mean users cannot download them and use them, as the phone is theirs to use as they want.

What to Expect from the App?

The quick navigation is simplified from the online version making everything easily tapped. The In-play betting display is even better that the one on the website, and guess what? You can watch the live HD events from your mobile device!

Users can perform fast deposits and withdrawals from the app, an advantage William Hill has over their competitors is the amount of payment methods available.

How to Download the William Hill Betting App

A few extra steps are required during the installation to make the app work properly.

  • First click here and download the William Hill mobile app
  • Begin the installation process as you normally do. Once you get a warning “Unknown Source”, do not freak out. This is your Android device alerting that the app doesn´t have their store signature and there for they have no idea where it came from and about its safety. But we know it came from William Hill directly and there for can proceed to some manual settings to bypass this issue. Go to “Settings” > “Application Settings” or “Security” and select “Unknown Sources”. This will disable the block.
  • Continue the manual installations, tap WH-Sportsbook.apk from the control panel.
  • If you get a “Can’t Open File” warning then your version of Chrome is blocking the app from getting installed altogether. To fix it go to apps > Tools > My Files and click on William Hill apk to force the installation.