DU Speed Booster Helps You Improve the Performance of your Android Device [SPONSORED]

There are quite a lot of utility apps on the Play Store which help you perform certain functions on your Android phone. However, there are few which help you in multiple ways. DU Speed booster is one such app which helps you improve the performance of your Android device. Though it’s free, it has certain features which you might get only in paid apps. While we used the app before we post this review, we did find that no section of the app asks you to unlock features by paying. Hence, no in-app purchases.

There are numerous ways you can improve the performance of your device – by killing resource heavy processes, clearing cache or uninstalling apps you don’t use. Most apps you don’t wish to use must be bloatware which the manufacturer includes in your device’s system. These can be removed from your device only if it is rooted. DU Speed Booster also works with root access. This is automatically detected when the app starts up. However, it is not necessary for you to have a rooted device to use DU Speed Booster.


The app shows you three options on startup and then makes you dive into the loads of features it has to offer. The best part of DU Speed Booster is that it has very nice user-friendly UI, so you don’t need to be a geek to understand how the app functions. When you choose to optimize your device, it shows you a list of tasks that it would do for optimization and calculate points using these tasks. The home screen of the device shows you all the features it offers.




The Accelerator helps you free up memory space on your phone. While this improves the battery life, it also makes your phone run smoothly. The app adds a simple floating icon to your home screen so you can tap on it to free up space on your phone whenever you feel it is necessary. Dragging and dropping the icon would display some cool animations while it still does the same job as tapping on it.

Auto-Start Manager


Does your phone take too long to start-up? It’s because apps like Facebook, WhatsApp run on start-up. While some apps should run on start-up, some shouldn’t. DU Speed Booster lets you choose which apps should start on start-up of the device. In case you disable WhatsApp on start-up, you wouldn’t receive any notifications for new messages unless you start the app yourself explicitly.

Freeze Apps

The freeze manager lets you freeze apps on your device. There may be apps which you do not want to use for a particular period. Instead of uninstalling the app, you can freeze them so it doesn’t function unless you remove them from the frozen list using DU Speed booster.

Trash Cleaner


The trash cleaner helps you cleanup files on your SD card and cache. Cache files are stored in the device to help them perform smooth but when the cache is huge, you surely need to clean it up. In my case it’s just 4 MB and can be avoided. Residual cleaner helps you clean up files that were left over by the apps which don’t exist on your device anymore.

App Manager


App manager gives you options to uninstall user apps and system apps from one place. Of course you need to have root access to remove system apps. One feature which other apps don’t offer and DU Speed booster does is the trash bin which shows you the apps you have uninstalled. In case you uninstall an app by mistake, you can restore it from the trash bin easily.


APK Manger lets you see a list of all APK files you have on your device even if they are in different folders. Move apps to SD lets you move your apps from internal memory to your SD card (in case your phone supports one).



Apart from cleaning your phone, the app also helps you take control over security of your device. It scans all apps and notifies you if you install a malicious one. Apps ops was a feature introduced with Android 4.4 but removed later. This apps brings that feature back to your device irrespective of the Android version you are using. It lets you control which apps can access your personal data. It also shows you all the permissions the app needs. You can specifically block certain permissions from apps.


The call and SMS blocker helps you block calls and SMS on your phone to make sure you aren’t disturbed by advertising calls and text messages.

After using this app for a week, I don’t see any issues with it. I did take a look at my device’s battery statistics and DU Speed booster doesn’t come up in the list of apps that use most battery. If you wish to try out this app, hit the Google Play Store link below and let us know your comments about it.