Dynamic Keyboard Changes Key Size As You Type, Now Available in Play Store

There is yet another keyboard available on the Play Store today and this one has been in news for quite some time before it went live on the Play Store. The Dynamic Keyboard is a new keyboard that changes the size of the keys as you type and the change depends on the next word prediction.

I went hands on with this keyboard as soon as it went live few minutes back and I must say that the idea behind making this keyboard should draw too much attention among Android users but I doubt if people will stick to it. But before we get to know that, let us first have a look at how the keyboard works.

Dynamic-Keyboard  Dynamic-Keyboard-Android

Dynamic keyboard is for people who often mistakenly hit the adjacent key instead of the correct one and I am one among those. So this keyboard should surely be the best fit for me but the sad part is that it doesn’t support ICS. Though the app’s page on Play Store says that Auto-correct has been added for Android 4.0+ devices, I don’t seem to get it working on my stock Sony Xperia U. Also, most settings didn’t show up well on my device but that might not be the case for everyone out there. The app is available in both free and paid versions, so please ensure you try out the free one before you buy the paid version.

While the app comes with some basic customization settings that are available only in the paid version, it also supports 19 languages. You can see them on the app’s page the link to which is available at the end of the post. You can also decrease the bounce of the keys or disable them completely if you don’t need them.

Dynamic Keyboard has been developed with a great idea and might be a favorite one for many of you out there but it still isn’t my cup of tea and I still stick to SwiftKey considering that I made 1 million keystrokes using the keyboard. You can still go ahead and give this keyboard a shot and let me know your views in the comments below.

Download Dynamic Keyboard – Free | Paid