Easily Install ADB & Fastboot on your PC With Minimal ADB & Fastboot Installer

[toc]ADB and fastboot commands are a must for every Android user as far as rooting the device, flashing custom images and unbricking the device is concerned. If the hacking process requires a USB connection from your PC  to the Android device, installation of ADB and fastboot is a must. In our previous posts, we have detailed how to install Android SDK on your computer which is a pretty long process and also unnecessary if you don’t wish to learn Android development. The size of Android SDK is pretty high and so is the size of the Platform tools (around 90 MB) – this is not needed if you only intend to use ADB and fastboot commands for the aforementioned processes. We also did offer some ADB files which are light and help you use ADB commands pretty easily but they don’t seem to work for Android 4.4+ running devices as Google has updated the SDK. An alternative to this is Minimal ADB & Fastboot.

Minimal ADB & Fastboot installer works only on Windows and weighs only around 2 MB and is a better option for you if you are not learning Android development. It also works with Android 4.4+ running devices. This tool simply installs the latest version of ADB and fastboot on your windows machine in the location where you wish to install it.


To begin with the installation you need to make sure that you have connected your device to the PC via USB and make sure that USB Debugging is enabled. You can do this by going to Settings>Developer options and enable USB debugging on your Android device. Also, you need to have all device drivers installed on your PC. Check out our device drivers page for more.

Steps to Install

Minimal ADB & Fastboot

The installation is pretty simple. Just download the setup.exe file from the page linked at the end of this post (make sure you download the latest version of the installer) and run the file on your Windows PC. Follow the instructions on screen to choose the location where you wish to install ADB and fastboot on your computer. You can also choose if you want a Start menu shortcut. Once this is done, you can click on the shortcut which will open the command prompt window from where you can start issuing ADB and fastboot commands to your Android device.

ADB and Fastboot windows

For downloads and FAQs, kindly visit the original thread on XDA forums.