Echofon : Tweeting on the Droids

After some exciting success across various platforms viz iOS, OS X and Microsoft Windows, one of the most popular twitter clients is now all set to make it’s debut on the most potentially approved platform at present, the Android OS. What makes it get on par with all the competition, is the sleek user interface with the Holo skin adding to the usability of the software and meanwhile, adding some homely feel to it.

Corresponding to the popularity of the software, the developers have released this beta stage apk to get a hint of the demands from the software which will be subjected by the users. The interface has been kept as  simple as it could be, on the welcome screen you can see the different categories at the bottom and you can tap on them to jump to them directly or swipe horizontally to move between them while on the upper part you’ll see the currently selected account name, new tweet button and the search button to facilitate further access to all of your favorites on the social network. This version also boasts some support for push notifications as well as those in the notification drawer with a reply/re-tweet option adding some more hype to the final edition of the software which is still under development.


As simple as hitting the “tweet” button, the overall package has a simplistic appeal to it with some added stability while the amount of sophistication provided with the alpha tag that this version holds, it lets us wait with an evenly eager of us for a promising final version of the app. The question is, Are you gonna try it?

If Yes, download it now and get tweeting!

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Source @echofonbeta