[Editorial] Facebook Addiction is Bad, Facebook Home & HTC First Worsen It

What does Facebook mean to you? To me, it is a tool to connect with my friends, it is a tool to stay updated with what’s happening around me and in the world but it is not my HOME. Too much of something is always bad and it applies for Facebook too. Don’t be a Facebook addict because there is a lot to explore beyond Facebook. With the recent Facebook home launch, this addiction gets worse. Letting Facebook be your home is a bad idea. Facebook is being intrusive with the launch of Facebook home and it is sad to know that HTC & AT&T are supporting the social giant in this intrusion.

I’m pretty sure that I will not be using Facebook home on my Android. Assuming that you already know what Facebook home is, here’s why I wouldn’t use it:

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]Facebook home is good only for those who are super Facebook addicts and use their phones ONLY for Facebook. I don’t like chat heads popping up when I am replying to emails or listening to music on my phone because Facebook messages aren’t important. If it is something important, people usually give me a call (it’s better than texts). And there is News Feed on the lock screen. I don’t want to see what my friends are doing every time I look at the phone. A few important notifications and the weather information is better than that. Having Facebook all over the phone is highly disturbing for my smartphone experience. HTC First might not be a success because people don’t buy phones to use Facebook. Facebook is just a part of it!
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Ditch Android Notifications For Facebook Notifications

What’s more important to you – Facebook Notifications or Android Notifications? If it’s the former, you need to get a life. Don’t tell me you bought your Android smartphone just to use Facebook because it makes no sense to me. A smartphone does improve your Facebook experience but your Facebook experience must not disturb your smartphone experience. Email notifications, SMS notifications, notifications for missed calls are more important than Facebook notifications and with Facebook home, you will lose them all.

To know what is happening outside the social network in your “real life”, you need to close the Facebook launcher and that would be really inconvenient but this doesn’t hold true if you are using HTC First. Facebook confirmed this on their info page about the Facebook Home:

All notifications are available on the HTC First. The free Home download includes Facebook notifications.

Okay Facebook, why would you not allow Android notifications on the Play Store download of Facebook home? The reason is obvious,  Facebook wants to confine Android users within their network but is that what you want?

It is Facebook First And Not HTC First

HTC First does not have the default Sense UI launcher but the Facebook home launcher. So HTC First is not putting HTC first to the users but it is Facebook first. Would you buy a phone to use Facebook or would you like using Facebook on a phone you bought for your basic smartphone experience? The former is a sign of Facebook addiction which might perhaps be bad for your social life. Why?

It turns out that as many as one in every three people who use social media like Facebook experience feelings of jealousy and envy after spending time on these sites, according to a new study. – Foxnews

There are students who deactivate their Facebook accounts while they are preparing for their exams or perhaps give their password to their friends who later change it to ensure that you stay away from Facebook. But when you have Facebook on your lock screen and chat heads all over the apps, what would you do? I think you should hand over your HTC First to your friend to stay away from Facebook or perhaps unlock its bootloader, root it and remove Facebook completely which will void your device warranty and also void the reason why you bought the HTC First in the first place.

With Facebook home, you will have Facebook everywhere and you will be addicted to Facebook more than you could ever be. Don’t let Facebook intrude into your smartphone this way.

Move fast and break things but not to the extent of being intrusive.

Image credit: nate bolt