[EDITORIAL] The Bitter Truth About Over-Sized Android Smartphones

This has been the talk of the Droid arena for quite a while now that what has to be the actual size of the Android smartphones. Should they go bigger with dazzling LEDs upfront to meet the eye par it’s capabilities or should they be pocketable enough to fit in the jeans without creating any troubles for the user’s fingers! In my opinion, more compact yet powerful Android smartphones have always been pretty successful stories for the makers while users in the present era get forced to do with the giant phablets just because the “mobile” phones of the previous kind just do not exist anymore!

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Big Sized Mid-Rangers: Don’t Show It Off Unless You’re Good At It!

Talking about mid-range Smartphones, we currently are facing a scenario where the average display unit has to be of the size of a flagship contender that means to a measurement of at least 5 inches by the diagonal and this just doesn’t cuts it off as the term “mobile” seems to be fading away in the shades of being the best. There have been phones like the Sony Xperia Mini, Xperia Ray and Xperia Neo in the same segment that were quite a lot eye turners. You might be wondering why I chose only these three phones to be taken as the example? Surprisingly enough, all of these three phones featured quite similar configurations over the same chipset. Talking about the chipset, it was none other than the Qualcomm QSD8255 Snapdragon that featured a Scorpion core ticking at 1 GHz of clockspeed alongside the Adreno 205 GPU and let me tell you, this chipset was snappy enough to be treated with Android 4.0 ICS by the OEM itself and to run High Definition content over the compact visual estates. All these handsets brought huge commercial success to the manufacturer. Another interesting fact is that the trio also brought the best design award fame to the OEM while none of them exceeded the 4-inches mark.

Let It Be Sturdy If Not Smaller, Yet Capable!

It isn’t about bashing on a particular phone or manufacturer but it is about the question that Don’t you miss those days when having a little Nokia in your hands, you could drive around in your car without any sorts of troubles?  It is okay that everybody likes to show it off with those 5inches or plus dazzling displays but the realm of the story seems to be fading away with it! The Sony Xperia Arc stood against all the odds viz. the highly capable dual core counterparts with it’s compact brilliance in the sleek metal shell and the Samsung Galaxy S with it’s Hummingbird inside shook the whole smartphone scenario while we have also seen the Galaxy Ace and Mini combined to out-sold the flagships under which they marched!

You might be thinking of me as a Sony Ericsson fanatic but it is nothing like that. For instance, I have never went on to buy any large screen phone and the only reason I proudly use the HTC Explorer is that besides being extremely pocketable, I am able to get a completely snappy Android 4.1 Jelly Bean experience with all of it’s bells and whistles on board! It is fine that the Pico has got a smaller screen by any standards but is there really any point in having a phone that has a 4” display on top of a dual core processor and is unable to process 720 p videos? I am talking about the HTC Desire X. Taking the reference of the above phones, it doesn’t stands to it’s genre as well as the price tag that it holds. Does that makes any ‘Sense’ at all?


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If you are ready to thrown some money in, there hare some handsome looking handsets like the HTC One S or the Motorola Razr i which are considered to be the best form factor references that the OEMs should go for. Both of them carry qHD displays that measure a good 4.3 inches by the diagonal and besides carrying quite larger screens these phones are still very much pocketable thanks to their edge to edge displays that carry almost zero to no bezel around ’em. Further, These phones are pretty much on the robust side too! Motorola has thrown in some metal and kevlar to give the Razr i jaw-dropping aesthetics with just the right size needed while the HTC One S turns the heads around by it’s amazingly sleek anodized aluminium physique that chips in at 7.8 mm of thickness by the side view!

Talking about handsome looking smartphones, how can we forget one of the all time greats that carried on the Galaxy S legacy, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I do not think that anyone would need any clarifications regarding the clear win!

What The Users Actually Want To See? They Have Their Own Priorities!

Another point of priority under this discussion is the priorities factor itself. What you wanna seen in your phone and what you don’t. Do you wanna see a 5-inch display running on top of the WVGA resolution or wanna have a device that measures a max of 4 inches by the diagonal and still manages to outclass the others by running the same display resolution? In the automobile industry, the performance of a vehicle is compared with the others over the weight to power ratio. Can’t we have a similar benchmark to be plotted against the phones that we wanna choose from? A more physical one that is way apart from the synthetic ones that we tend to follow with our senses put down! Again talking about priorities, just wanted to ask you people, Do you want a phone that you can fit in your pocket or under your sleeves when the teacher checks in or you wanna go looking for your bag while you are assured to get thrown out of the class! No wonder It is fun to show it off but unless and until you don’t back it up, It is nothing but waste.

The Acceptable Flagship Benchmarks

Enough of bashing out the big guns but now it is time to put up the proper benchmarks that should be followed while designing a proper flagship phone! The way that the size of the Android phones is increasing takes me back to those days when large screened China made mobiles blasted into a market that was dominated by the Finns. But the Finns held to their terms and didn’t hasted to the scene as they knew what they were good at! If not the Not So Smart Finns, the Droid commanders should take out some sense out of the Blackberry Z10 or the Apple iPhone 5. While both of them are top notch flagships of two of the most toughest competitors to the droid army, both the smartphones fit straight into the pocket as they do have a few points that backup the mobility factor!


You can go on bashing ’em up all the time you want. Android is definitely better than any other Operating System in the current Ecosystem but the glorified aurora seems to be fading out into Dull looking Giant sized plastic bots. These Bots can definitely pull the skin out of the competition as far as the synthetic tests are considered but they just don’t cut it off when the physical factors come into the picture.