Sony’s Entry level Phones Xperia E and Xperia E Dual Leaked

It has been raining Xperias over the past couple of months in the rumorland along with the highly anticipated Sony Xperia C650X Odin which is probably gonna be the next generation flagship for the Japanese electronics giant. But somewhere along the line, sits the fact that most of us still can’t afford to go aboard with the limos and the lambos cruising around. The common man has it’s own niche in the smartphone world where he desires to take a sneak of the pace without thinking to sacrifice much by his pocket.

After a striking entry into this genre via the little Tipo brothers, the Japanese are ready to make it’s stand a bit stronger by another pair of handsets namely, Xperia E and Xperia E Dual, in the potential price bracket. The two entry level handsets have emerged out from Indonesian FCC-like Postel’s records under some sort of codenames. Both of them will be sharing the same MSM7227A chipset which rocks a Gigahertz of processing power under the hood , couple that with an upgraded version of the Adreno200 GPU, the bar seems to be raised a bit for the price bracket in consideration.

If you take that configuration for a HVGA Android 4.0 ICS expreirence on a screen that most supposedly would measure 3.2” by the diagonal, the two look in perfect shape to replace the Xperia Tipo and Tipo Dual which are currently rocking the segment. If all the rumors are true, the Duo may be aimed at a summer or early 2013 launch. Many people have been talking out negatively considering the chipset and the aimed launch date about the latter being a bit outdated, but in my opinion, for someone who is going to take his first step in the smartphone world, won’t demand anything else, but just the true experience.

What’s your cut? Please let us know your versions about these phones in the comments section 🙂 .

Source: Xperia Blog